Friday, 18 March 2011

Celebration Evening

We were excited to get the invitation from Caleb's High School to attend the Celebration evening for this years YR7 class.  All parents of all of the yr 7's are invited and it is the place where the teachers just acknowledge the children for their work.  (year 7 is the first year of high school in the UK)

It was great to sit through the evening and hear all of the wonderful things the teachers had to say, they were very generous with their kind words to the children.  It was clear as the evening went on and various groups made their presentations and photo's were shown from other events throughout the term that the teachers words were not all out of kindness but out of truth, these kids have worked really hard and had fun doing it.

Caleb was pleased at the end of the evening when he was able to take his various certificates home.  He has worked hard and earned them. WELL DONE CALEB!

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