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Whose call would you decline?

The other day I was sitting with a friend trying to have a very serious conversation and my cell phone kept ringing.  Thankfully my phone has this great feature that while it is ringing I just turn it over and it goes to silent.  Each time the phone rang I quickly glanced at the phone to see who it was explaining to Laila that I need to look incase it is the school. On one of the calls it was my son Caleb so I did excuse myself from the conversation to answer the call just incase it was something important, it wasn't important as you can imagine but that wasn't a chance i was willing to take and Laila having kids of her own completely understood. 

The part that really struck me was that when I returned she asked me "wouldn't it be great if God had a cell phone".  I agreed this would be wonderful but then she asked would you ever decline a call that comes in from him? This made me really think. Laila knows that I believe I can talk/pray at any time and about anything. This is great because I would be making the call, it then made me wonder are there things I do that i would not want to call him about? The unfortunate reality is probably yes, or at least for me it would be.  The conversation did make me think and I did share this verse with my friend Laila. 

"Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching" John 14:23a


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