Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Thank You.... but who???

Since Zachariah has arrived we have been greatly blessed by many gifts for him.  Each has been different and all have been greatly appreciated.  There is one gift that has left us a little puzzled though, it is a really nice little jacket that is so lovely on him.  It arrived by mail from somewhere in the UK, with no return address label or card or any sign for that matter on who it was from.  

To whomever you are THANK YOU!!

I am attaching a photo of Zachariah in this lovely jacket.  Please let us know if it was you who sent it.

Look at my new jacket... it's great!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello and Goodbye....

Today Aaron came home after being in Atlanta for almost 2 weeks.  He went to visit a sick friend and to be part of a conference at the US office.  Aaron had felt strongly that he needed to go and visit our friend John who had been battling cancer for some time.  John's health had been going down hill as the tumor in his brain was causing even the simple things in life to be difficult.  Aaron arrived in Atlanta on the Wednesday and John went to be with the Lord on the Friday.  Aaron was extremely thankful to be able to have that brief time with John and to be able to be at his funeral. Please continue to lift up Johns family as they continue to deal with the loss.

Tomorrow Grandma Renaud is going home after being with us for 4 months.  It has been wonderful having her hear and the extra set of hands has been so needed with Eileens many hospital appointments and then with the arrival of Zachariah.  We will all miss her lots but Zachariah might the most as he will lose his favorite bed........

Zachariah's favorite sleeping place!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Zachariah's getting bigger!

Eden was spending time with Zachariah this morning and decided to play with the camera also, she actually got some pretty cute pictures!


oh, i like the taste of my hand....

just chillin

WOW!!  this is a big bed!

everyone needs a stuffed hedgehog!

another eye test.....

So, each three months Nathan has to go back to the optometrist to have his vision and eye muscles tested.  This week was one of those tests.  Nathan was given a new prescription and also is now being referred to a specialist to help him work on his eye muscles.  He is still having issue's that he is unable to make his eye's cross which effects his ability to have single vision when focusing on something. 

Nathan loves having his eye's tested as he likes to get new glasses, this time as he is going to have 6 months between tests they gave him 2 pairs.  He decided on one red and one black....  photo's to come!

Thankfully Nathan didn't decide on this pair for his new glasses!!

The real snowman makers

well, the children got home from school and wanted to rightfully claim their snowman!!

Eden & Nathan with the snowman



Monday, 6 February 2012

Londons First snow for 2012!!

This weekend we had our fist snow of the winter!  Everyone was very excited!!  The kids wish it had snowed Sunday night instead of Saturday night so they could get a snow day.... but it didn't, so while they were all off at school Grandma took credit for their snowman!!

oh no.... another bath!!

Well, Eden loves being a big sister.  She always is asking can I hold Zachariah, can I take him upstairs for you, can I get him dressed. So, it was just a matter of time before she was around for a bath time.  Eden was very excited about this, unfortunately Zachariah was not!  He does NOT like the bathing experience.

Well, at least we got some cute pics right?

Zachariah still shocked from the bathing experience!

Eden helping Zachariah after his bath.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012