Monday, 3 August 2015


After leaving Ottawa we had our first of the many "long drives". The kids did well but as all new things there were a few moments where the little ones just didn't understand why we were still in the van! 

We arrived in Pittsburgh and had lots of fun! 

The older three kids helped out with the Orchard Hill Church "Kids Fest".  It was the third week that they were running it and there were 350 kids attending. We were really impressed with the ministry, very well planned and reaching and impacting a huge percentage of children and families in the community.  

The younger two and Aaron and I spend the days with our friends Rick and Nancy that we were visiting.  Below are some fun pics of our day at the Aviary! 


We made it!  Summer for us has officially begun.  We are spending one week with our Canadian family just relaxing and enjoying being with them. 

The above pic is of Jeremiah. He is at his aunties pool but needs a full life jacket rather than floaties as he seems to have no concept of how dangerous water can be... That paired with his lack of ability to swim means a full life jacket!! He doesn't seem to mind though! I personally think he likes to be scooped out of the water by the handle on the back! 

Summer Travels Begin...

Well, our summer travels have started! This is a pic of just a few of us on our flight over. 

The flight was uneventful, we were thankful to arrive and be all together again. 

As we start our journey please do remember to pray for us as we will have many, many hours in a van together. 

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