Saturday, 11 August 2012

The oldest and the youngest!

I thought this was a great picture of Caleb an Zachariah! Caleb is giving him last cuddles before heading off to MTO in the Netherlands for a week.

He left yesterday and we will meet up with him at Aaron's sisters house on the 20th in France. We miss him already!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Most Improved Player!

This year both of the older boys played soccer with a local team called the 'South Ealing Saints'.  It committed them to every Saturday for practice and then some Saturdays also had games.  They played in sun and rain and even the threat of snow one week.

They had lots of fun and were pleased to be part of the team.  At the end of the year they were both given awards for being part of the team, as all the kids were.  They were excited about them.

Caleb was then surprised to also receive the MOST IMPROVED PLAYER for his age group.  He worked hard with the team all year and really did earn the award and he is looking forward to going back in September and being an assistant coach as this year was his last year to be able to play with the team.

Well Done Kids!

Well, the school year has come to an end and the kids are all off for August.  

Everyone has worked very hard this year and finished with great school reports.  We are pleased with how everyone did and feel they did their best and achieved well.

Caleb ended his year with being invited to do his science GCSE early.  He has been doing triple science all year to be able to achieve this.  For many of you who don't know what GCSE's are the closest i can explain it to be is a basic requirement to graduate high school and everyone has to do some, people vary between 3 and 10 depending on their academic levels and plans.  Being allowed to do one a year early means you are able to fit more in to help get better grades when you leave high school but it also means you are fitting it on top of your normal academic requirements. We are allowing Caleb to do this has he achieved good grades with doing the triple science last year.

Eden has finished primary school.  This is a huge stage as she will be starting high school in September.  She is very excited and looking forward to being at Twyford.  This is the same high school that Caleb is already attending.  Eden struggles with some aspects of standardized testing so we were very excited with her results.  She achieved higher than we had expected and really showed us what she can do.  As far as academics go she is completely ready for high school..... the real questions is, are WE ready for her to go to high school?

Nathan also did great with his school results, showing us what he is able to achieve.  He has always been a good student but this year he managed to cross the line into a high achieving student as we saw his grade levels show an amazing jump.  He deserved the good marks as he worked hard all year and took great pride in his home work and projects.  Clearly his school also felt he worked hard as they gave him the award above.  He is very proud of himself and is already talking about how hard he is going to work on his homework next year.....   We have told him he can probably relax and enjoy his summer before starting to worry about next years homework!

Zachariah enjoyed going out with the family to celebrate the good reports. We were not surprised to see that he found eating the menu much more exciting than the pizza!