Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Update on Zachariah!

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Zachariah.  We were honestly touched by hearing from so many of the care and concern for him and our family.  As you can imagine, we weren't prepared for how those weeks unfolded. From the initial start of the illness we were always told "oh he will be able to go on as normal".  It became very clear that he was NOT able to go on as normal. 

We were thankful to be in the very fortunate position of having a specialized children's hospital very close to our home.

All that to say that after a few hospital stays and way too many Dr's visits we are now at the point where we will only see one specialist every 3 months (for his Kidneys) and the other every 6 months (for his liver).

We have also been assured that for the kidneys there will be no longer term affects due to this illness.

As for the liver we need to continue to pray that there are no changes in the growth they found.  The Dr we spoke with believes it is an internal vascular birthmark and nothing to worry about.  Over the next year or so as they measure and test the growth we will know if he is correct or not.

The interesting thing about HSP is that it can continue to reoccur until the child is about 12.  It doesn't always, they just know that in some cases it does.

So, although we are very thankful that Zachariah is MUCH better we do ask you to continue to pray for him.

How to specifically pray:

Kidneys:  That the appointments continue to go well and his kidneys heal completely.

Liver: That the growth found is just an internal vascular birth mark that neither grows or is something we need to be worried about.

HSP:  We are praying that the HSP infection continues to be under control and that we will NOT be dealing with reoccurrence of this as time goes on. 

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Please pray for Zachariah

February has been a hard month for Zachariah.  On the 7th, after being home from school sick for a few days he went to CHEO (the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario).  The Dr's gave us a diagnosis of Henoch Scholenien Purpura which is a blood infection that also causes pain in the joints.  This gave us a clear understanding to why he was so unwell and why he was unable to walk comfortably.  He went home and we waited for him to slowly get better.  Unfortunately the Dr's did tell us this could go on for a while before he feels better (some cases lasting 4-6 weeks)

By the following week Zachariah had not been able to eat or drink anything, had a consistently high fever and a lot of abdominal pain. So... back to CHEO we went. On this visit it seemed the Zachariah is suffering from some of the more severe side effects of this diagnosis.  They are all known but not as common so we hadn't really been prepared for them.  After three days in the hospital Zachariah looked much better thanks to the IV and nausea medication.  The Dr's told us what to watch for and when to come back in. 

Zachariah started this week well with attempting to go to school on Tuesday, that only lasted 2 hours and he was back at home with stomach pains.  Although he had stomach pain we didn't rush him back to the hospital but thought maybe he needed a few days to regain his strength.  So a couple of more days home from school and Thursday morning found us back at CHEO for another 2 day hospital stay.  This time more meds, another ultrasound, an IV and steroids and we are good to go...  

all that to say we are now home again and Zachariah looks like he is feeling better this morning.  We have three weeks worth of medication to give him and a long list of instructions of when to bring him back to the hospital. 

In saying all of that this is what we would like you to pray for: 
ULTRASOUND RESULTS:  Swollen kidneys, growth on his liver and the intestines are telescoping into themselves (this is the one that cause his pain). 
MEDICATION: He is now on a strong does of steroids for the next three weeks to help the swelling and telescoping, pray for no side effects from the medication.  He is also taking a second medication to protect his stomach from the steroids
ENERGY:  Zachariah is very run down from this illness, he needs to build up his energy and his reserves (having lost 3kg's in two weeks he needs to gain that back). 
WISDOM: please pray that we have wisdom on when to go back to the hospital or not. It is easy to both downplay symptoms because you already have a diagnosis and also to overreact to the smallest amount of pain. 
ONGOING TREATMENTS:  We now have appointment for the near future with both the Kidney and Liver specialist, please pray that when they come around his little body has healed enough that we don't have further issues from this. 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Hoping you have all had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


The first stop for us after leaving Ottawa was to visit some good friends in VA.

Our first stop was with friends who we knew when living in London, UK.  They had also been there for a while and our families had quickly become close.  The kids loved reconnecting and for us (Aaron & I) having time with them was good for our souls, refreshing and relaxing. 

We took a trip to "Texas Beach" which is not in Texas and not a beach, its along a river and a wonderful place!! We had so much fun, a perfect place for a family with lots of age range. 

Texas Beach

Summer 2018 Itinerary

Family Driving Fun!!

This summer is gonna be busy.

As a family we are spending July in the USA and August in Europe.

Below is our planned itinerary.  Let us know if you are around when we are in your area.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Zachariah Skiing!

Zachariah Skiing!!
Zachariah loves skiing.  Over the winter he has learned to Ski, Eden and Nathan have learned to snowboard.  It has been a great way to get out and enjoy the winter. 

Jeremiah at Pre-School

Jeremiah at Pre-School
Jeremiah loves his school.  It is a highlight of his week.  Although he regularly reminds us that next year he will be able to take the school bus to "BIG SCHOOL" with Zachariah.

Update on Zachariah!

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Zachariah.  We were honestly touched by hearing from so many of the care and concern for him and...