Monday, 20 November 2017

The First Snow

Zachariah & Jeremiah with their snowman.

The first snow came this weekend and the kids were pretty excited. 
Waking up on a Sunday morning to a blanket of white is idealistic for your first winter.  

We will have a lot of snow this summer and the kids will enjoy it but we are sure as the winter goes on there will be more snow than even children can be excited for so today....  we are enjoying it!!


We've done it!!!  

We are now moved!  It takes a while to feel settled and there are lots of new things to get used to and learn how things work.  At this point we can say that we are doing well and settling in.  We are no where near settled, but that is something only time can do. 

The kids are enjoying their schools, at least as much as kids can enjoy School. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Transform 2017

WOW! 50 years!!

June 24th 1967 - June 24th 2017

A few weeks ago we celebrated Randy & Margie's 50th wedding anniversary.

The pic above shows all six of their kids with all six of their spouses and their 24 grandchildren.  Margie's sister Dail is also in the picture, she was the 'surprise' for the event as she flew over for the week from Wisconsin. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Spring 2017


As you all know Eileen is from Ottawa, Canada.  As a family we have always loved going back and visiting family and friends there. Over the years it has continued to be a place we have called home even though we have been so far away.

Over the past months we have spent time talking, praying and searching out answers as we have found various doors opening that we had expected.  As we have walked through each of these doors it seems like they have all lead us to the point that we are now at.  

We are pretty excited to announce that we will be moving to Ottawa!  This is pretty huge for our family and we would really value your prayers for the coming months as we have a lot to do in a short time along with 'normal' life. 

Aaron, Eden, Nathan, Zachariah and Jeremiah will all head to Ottawa on August 29th.  Eileen will follow them on September 3rd.  Unfortunately Caleb will not be able to come with us as he will be starting university in September here in the UK.  We will be looking forward to having him join us for the holidays. 

These above photo's are of the younger 4 kids on their first day of school in September.  They all enjoy school but are all looking forward to not wearing a suit every day!! 

Eden & Nathan will be attending the local high school in grades ten and eleven.   Zachariah will be in Senior Kindergarten and Jeremiah is too young for school in Canada. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Spain | January 2017

A pre-conference visit

This past week I had the opportunity to visit Spain to view the site for a conference in July.   A lot of the 'site work' had been done in advance and contracts signed so this visit was an opportunity to work out the logistics of how we will work with what they have to offer.  It was not a difficult visit as the site is great and going to be ideal for our needs.

A pastor from one of the local churches showed us around and after the meetings took us to see some of the local area to have an idea of where we are coming to.  The area is beautiful.  We will be located on the edge of Terragona on the way to Cabrils, this is about an hour from Barcelona.

Here are just a couple of pictures i took well driving around...

A view off the main street in Terragona.
Yes, i will be needing to have a morning walk along this coast!

Further into the city this is the view with the old roman ruins just off the coast. 

This is a statue of Paul.  It is believed that this is the very spot that he shared the gospel when arriving in Spain. 

This is just a small little road that i thought was cute as we  were driving past and wanted to share with you.