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The first stop for us after leaving Ottawa was to visit some good friends in VA.
Our first stop was with friends who we knew when living in London, UK.  They had also been there for a while and our families had quickly become close.  The kids loved reconnecting and for us (Aaron & I) having time with them was good for our souls, refreshing and relaxing. 
We took a trip to "Texas Beach" which is not in Texas and not a beach, its along a river and a wonderful place!! We had so much fun, a perfect place for a family with lots of age range. 

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Summer 2018 Itinerary

Zachariah Skiing!

Zachariah Skiing!!
Zachariah loves skiing.  Over the winter he has learned to Ski, Eden and Nathan have learned to snowboard.  It has been a great way to get out and enjoy the winter.

Jeremiah at Pre-School

Jeremiah at Pre-School
Jeremiah loves his school.  It is a highlight of his week.  Although he regularly reminds us that next year he will be able to take the school bus to "BIG SCHOOL" with Zachariah.

Grandma Jones

Grandma Jones This picture was taken about a month ago of my wonderful grandma.  Two weeks ago she suffered a stroke, it was a big one and after almost a week in the hospital she was moved to a local hospice for her last days.  As you can imagine the last two weeks have been emotionally taxing.  I (Eileen) spent every moment I could with her at the hospital then the hospice.

Now is the time to look back as we prepare for her funeral this week.  My grandmother was an amazing women, she is part of the generation that has seen so many changes within their world that no other generation to come will ever see as much change (cars, TV's, phones and such).  The one thing I think most about this fact is that Grandma was not as changing as her world.  Many things in her life were wonderful and many difficult as we all have.. but Grandma was unchanging.  The world around her fluctuated, people came and went, circumstances change but not Grandma.  She was (and will continue to be in my min…

Jeremiah wants to work with Grandpa!!

Working with Grandpa!!

We joke often that Jeremiah is very similar to my (Eileen) father.  They have a lot of characteristics that are similar, what they find funny.... how they watch tv... 
Yesterday Jeremiah turned 4.  Today he decided he was old enough and asked me to take him to work with grandpa.  Thankfully, grandpa is a good sport and we headed over.   This is the scene we arrived to, Jer was so excited!!!  He loves the digger!!! 
This photo below is when Grandpa and Jer were working together!!  Its not a great pic but if you look  carefully, you can see Jeremiah in the cab.  

Valentines 2018!!

Valentines Day 2018
Zachariah loves going to school and enjoys spending time with all of his friends.  Valentines day is always an opportunity to share how much he enjoys them.  This year he came up with the idea for his class gift and announced to us what we would be making.  
It is hard to see in the picture but those cute little Dino's are actually crayons made by chopping up and melting down old crayons! 
As you can imagine, they were a hit!
I can't wait to see what he comes up with next year!