Friday, 28 November 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Living in the UK Thanksgiving is a day that could easily just pass by without much recognition. It is not a day that is celebrated in the British calendar. 

We did enjoy having friends around in the evening to make the occasion.  Some of our guests had never celebrated Thanksgiving before which was extra fun. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Ireland 2014

At the beginning of November Aaron and I both had the opportunity to attend the ELM (European Leaders Meetings) for the company we work for.  We enjoyed being part of the meetings and felt that during our time there we could see how God was working in the various situations that we had been praying about, and asking many of you to pray about. 

On one of the days the weather was even nice enough for Aaron and i to take a walk and see some of the city that we were staying in (Athlone)

On the first day when I flew into Dublin, a wonderful friend who i haven't been able to see for way too long picked me up for a coffee before i headed to the meetings....

oh... I almost forgot.... The oldest pub in Europe is also in Ireland and in the very city we were staying in.  The weather was damp and this was in the evening so the picture isn't great but this is Sean's Bar!

Turning 40!!

This Summer/Fall Aaron and I both Turned 40.  Aaron in August and I in September.  We had thought it would be fun to throw a party and invite our friends to help us celebrate this milestone.  We were so excited with the turn out we had.  It was a real blessing to see how many of our friends and family wanted to celebrate this special day with us, although in saying that we know there were many who wanted to but because of distance were not able to join us.  in saying that.... 

My Dad and Carolyn flew over just for the weekend to help celebrate with us!!!

So, if you have a daughter turning 40 anytime soon, let me tell you from experience.  Flying over to where she lives as a surprise for the weekend will make her feel very special and very loved!!

Some friends enjoying the party

These amazing girls served drinks and food all night long!!!  They did such a great job and are still owed a huge thank you!!  (Eden is in the red dress!)

hmmmm... two big cakes and two chocolate fountains!!

What amazing friends we have to have helped us prepare such great food!

more great food!

another view of friends enjoying the party.

We were so pleased to see that so many of our friends from different area's of our lives were able to come together and enjoy the evening with us.

THANK YOU to all of you who helped make our birthdays so special. 

A visit to Athens

At the end of October I had the opportunity to attend meetings in Athens.  The meetings (as expected) were fun and productive.  On one afternoon we had the opportunity to go into Athens (we were staying in a little village just outside of the city). 

As we walked around the city as a group of tourists i was saddened by many of the things i saw.  The economic crash a few years ago in Greece has caused great heartache in the city and probably through most of Greece.  You could easily see where once there had been thriving business' now stood vacant run down buildings.

It was an interesting experience for me to stand on Mars Hill and look over the city.  This is a place where in Biblical history we know Paul stood and made note that they worshiped anything and everyone even to the point of have a plaque to an unknown God.  As i stood at the top of Mars Hill looking over the city I was saddened to realise that in this place there are still so many who don't turn to the one and true God. 

A Panoramic view from Mars Hill looking over the city of Athens. 

Amongst the amazing beauty of the historic city are the lost and forgotten buildings. 

Well, it is fall already... time keeps sneaking past us faster than we can keep up with it. The kids are back in school and loving it! A...