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Ireland 2014

At the beginning of November Aaron and I both had the opportunity to attend the ELM (European Leaders Meetings) for the company we work for.  We enjoyed being part of the meetings and felt that during our time there we could see how God was working in the various situations that we had been praying about, and asking many of you to pray about. 

On one of the days the weather was even nice enough for Aaron and i to take a walk and see some of the city that we were staying in (Athlone)

On the first day when I flew into Dublin, a wonderful friend who i haven't been able to see for way too long picked me up for a coffee before i headed to the meetings....

oh... I almost forgot.... The oldest pub in Europe is also in Ireland and in the very city we were staying in.  The weather was damp and this was in the evening so the picture isn't great but this is Sean's Bar!


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