Monday, 17 November 2014

Turning 40!!

This Summer/Fall Aaron and I both Turned 40.  Aaron in August and I in September.  We had thought it would be fun to throw a party and invite our friends to help us celebrate this milestone.  We were so excited with the turn out we had.  It was a real blessing to see how many of our friends and family wanted to celebrate this special day with us, although in saying that we know there were many who wanted to but because of distance were not able to join us.  in saying that.... 

My Dad and Carolyn flew over just for the weekend to help celebrate with us!!!

So, if you have a daughter turning 40 anytime soon, let me tell you from experience.  Flying over to where she lives as a surprise for the weekend will make her feel very special and very loved!!

Some friends enjoying the party

These amazing girls served drinks and food all night long!!!  They did such a great job and are still owed a huge thank you!!  (Eden is in the red dress!)

hmmmm... two big cakes and two chocolate fountains!!

What amazing friends we have to have helped us prepare such great food!

more great food!

another view of friends enjoying the party.

We were so pleased to see that so many of our friends from different area's of our lives were able to come together and enjoy the evening with us.

THANK YOU to all of you who helped make our birthdays so special. 

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