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Zachariah Skiing!

Zachariah Skiing!!
Zachariah loves skiing.  Over the winter he has learned to Ski, Eden and Nathan have learned to snowboard.  It has been a great way to get out and enjoy the winter.

Jeremiah at Pre-School

Jeremiah at Pre-School
Jeremiah loves his school.  It is a highlight of his week.  Although he regularly reminds us that next year he will be able to take the school bus to "BIG SCHOOL" with Zachariah.

Grandma Jones

Grandma Jones This picture was taken about a month ago of my wonderful grandma.  Two weeks ago she suffered a stroke, it was a big one and after almost a week in the hospital she was moved to a local hospice for her last days.  As you can imagine the last two weeks have been emotionally taxing.  I (Eileen) spent every moment I could with her at the hospital then the hospice.

Now is the time to look back as we prepare for her funeral this week.  My grandmother was an amazing women, she is part of the generation that has seen so many changes within their world that no other generation to come will ever see as much change (cars, TV's, phones and such).  The one thing I think most about this fact is that Grandma was not as changing as her world.  Many things in her life were wonderful and many difficult as we all have.. but Grandma was unchanging.  The world around her fluctuated, people came and went, circumstances change but not Grandma.  She was (and will continue to be in my min…