Monday, 3 July 2017

Spring 2017


As you all know Eileen is from Ottawa, Canada.  As a family we have always loved going back and visiting family and friends there. Over the years it has continued to be a place we have called home even though we have been so far away.

Over the past months we have spent time talking, praying and searching out answers as we have found various doors opening that we had expected.  As we have walked through each of these doors it seems like they have all lead us to the point that we are now at.  

We are pretty excited to announce that we will be moving to Ottawa!  This is pretty huge for our family and we would really value your prayers for the coming months as we have a lot to do in a short time along with 'normal' life. 

Aaron, Eden, Nathan, Zachariah and Jeremiah will all head to Ottawa on August 29th.  Eileen will follow them on September 3rd.  Unfortunately Caleb will not be able to come with us as he will be starting university in September here in the UK.  We will be looking forward to having him join us for the holidays. 

These above photo's are of the younger 4 kids on their first day of school in September.  They all enjoy school but are all looking forward to not wearing a suit every day!! 

Eden & Nathan will be attending the local high school in grades ten and eleven.   Zachariah will be in Senior Kindergarten and Jeremiah is too young for school in Canada. 

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