Thursday, 26 January 2017

Spain | January 2017

A pre-conference visit

This past week I had the opportunity to visit Spain to view the site for a conference in July.   A lot of the 'site work' had been done in advance and contracts signed so this visit was an opportunity to work out the logistics of how we will work with what they have to offer.  It was not a difficult visit as the site is great and going to be ideal for our needs.

A pastor from one of the local churches showed us around and after the meetings took us to see some of the local area to have an idea of where we are coming to.  The area is beautiful.  We will be located on the edge of Terragona on the way to Cabrils, this is about an hour from Barcelona.

Here are just a couple of pictures i took well driving around...

A view off the main street in Terragona.
Yes, i will be needing to have a morning walk along this coast!

Further into the city this is the view with the old roman ruins just off the coast. 

This is a statue of Paul.  It is believed that this is the very spot that he shared the gospel when arriving in Spain. 

This is just a small little road that i thought was cute as we  were driving past and wanted to share with you.

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