Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ireland trip (Day 4)

Well, this is our last day in Ireland. What a wonderful time we have had. 

Today we took the drive from Galway to Dublin, stopping at a town called Athlone along the way. The drive was Beautiful (as all the drives have been)! 

Before leaving Galway we took a short tour and had a stop at the Salthill beach

Athlone hosts a castle a beautiful river and the oldest pub in Ireland. 

So... It seems that is the end of our Ireland tour! What a treat it has been. Living away from my (Eieen) family I am fully aware and accepting of the fact that I miss out on important family events, this is not something I enjoy or find easy but a fact i have come to terms with. In saying that, being able to visit Ireland with my dad (a place he has always talked about going) and being able to do this over his birthday week has been such a blessing. Memories a will keep forever! 

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