Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Broken Ankle

The Broken Ankle

Having had a wonderful, relaxing family vacation in Canada with our family over Christmas we wanted to make sure we fit as much in as we could.  Aaron, Caleb, Eden & Nathan all had to head back to London so Zachariah stayed in Ottawa to enjoy a bit more winter life...

As we were heading back to London on the Sunday it seemed fitting to have one last thing before getting on the plane.  So Saturday night included 'Night Skiing'..... or should i say 'Night Falling'!!

When I fell, I actually thought i had only hurt myself a little, i wasn't able to make it down the hill and had to go down with the Ski Patrol... my sister enjoyed this event.  She was the one standing their laughing, pointing and taking pictures.   It was all in fun and games and in reality we were all trying to laugh through it sure that it was actually just a bad sprain.  After a few hours it seemed that maybe I was wrong and a trip to the ER might be necessary.  

At the ER they confirmed that actually I had broken my inner ankle.  Tracy (my sister) and I had lots of fun waiting at the hospital for my new accessory!

The first of apparently many ankle casts...

I thought if i tried to make the picture look pretty it wouldn't seem so frustrating.

We thought this would be a short lived accessory but actually the pictures above are the first cast and I am still currently in the 2nd cast and am still not allowed to have any weight put on it.  We are praying that after the next appointment i will at the very least have a walking boot.

I am hoping in no time at all to be out walking again.  I am also thinking i might give up skiing.... 

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