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Each year Twyford High School (Caleb & Eden's school) put on an amazing production.  This year the chosen production was Annie!  Both Caleb and Eden wanted to be part of it but in very different ways. 

Eden was an orphan, an all singing, all dancing orphan.  She loved every minute of it.  The costumes, the singing, rehearsals every bit of it.  At the end of the week she was very tired but glad to have participated.  It was hard to get good pictures during the show but we did get a couple of Eden.....

I think Eden took this one herself.....

One happy orphan!!

Caleb wasn't as keen to be part of the cast but worked endlessly on the tech crew.  He worked tirelessly, even the weekend before the production being at the school all day on both Saturday on Sunday.  He loved every minute of it and is really enjoying being part of the technical crew.   He managed to put in all these hours in alongside studying for the exams he was having during that time.  


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