Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Goodbye is never easy....

Goodbye is never easy.  This is a statement used in so many ways... used without really thinking about in many cases.  I have had the privilege of saying goodbye to friends that are moving far from me knowing that they are entering another wonderful stage in their life, i have had the opportunity to say goodbye to friends who we always knew we would only be physically close to for a short time. I have also unfortunately experienced the pain of saying goodbye to those i love. Some with notice, understanding and planning and some because of circumstances, medical and otherwise out of our control.

Earlier this month my dear Grandpa passed away.  He was a lovely man who is now at peace after a long healthy life of joy, laughter, music and being surrounded by those he loved.   Grandpa had been unwell for a short time and we new with the inclusion of Hospice care into his life the outcome would probably not be as we hoped.  It appears that even with advanced warning and waiting for this info it sill does not make the final news any easier to take.

Grandpa... he did love the music!!
(The fiddle was his favourite!)

Grandma & Grandpa not to long ago. 

On a postive note; I was already planning on being in the USA for a short time with some friends which meant i was in the right place at the right time.  I was able to add a flight on to my arrival into Newark and fly home to actually be part of the goodbye's with the rest of my family.   What a blessing that was, and amazing to see how as always God knows the plans he has for us and had arranged for me to already be on my way in the right direction making it possible for me to be there.

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