Thursday, 21 August 2014

Transform 2014

Transform 2014

Rome, Italy July 21-26 2014

One of the main projects Eileen works on throughout the year is the Transform conference in Rome.  This year was exceptionally tricky with various team dynamics along with a new baby in February and trying to work while also trying to be on maternity leave.  All in all in seems to have ended well. 

Through the week we were about 225 people at the conference centre.  Many of those attending the conference as participants headed out to work with people in the various nations of the Mediterranean, there were even some who went to non-mediterranean nations to work with these people who had moved from their home countries and were now living in Western or Eastern Europe.

We will send through some of the stories we hear of those who went out in the coming months. 

A real blessing for me, allowing me to actually work while i was at the conference was my mother.  My mom came over and stayed with our family for 5 months ending with the conference in Rome where she tirelessly looked after Jeremiah so i could be available 100% to do my job!  

Grandma & Jeremiah at the Vatican

Registration day! 

Grandma & Jeremiah keeping up with the program!

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