Sunday, 9 June 2013

Our Team Retreat

Thank you!  To each of you who had been praying for our team retreat last week.  A small group of us had gone up to Wales a day early to set up, we were able to get all of the tents set up and the site cleared before the rest of the team arrived the next day.

The beginning of the week was very wet!  We joked about the fact that the incredible levels of rain is why the country is so beautiful and green.  Inside we were each praying for it to stop! Camping in the rain is even less fun then it sounds! We were all there to rest and have a chance to just 'be' together without the normal levels of responsibility and expectation.

Thankfully the end of the week brightened up and we were incredibly blessed with our time together. We were each able to leave Wales feeling rested and refreshed!!

We are already looking forward to next year!!
                   to help you experience Wales with us there is a recipe below for Welsh cakes!!

The Cooking Team
 Each year during our team retreat we are blessed with a team to come and help serve with cooking the meals.  This year we had four people on the cooking team, the interesting difference from previous years is that these four are university students who openly said they didn't know how to cook!

Eileen had the privilege of working with them throughout the week and what a blessing they were!  Every moment of food preparation in the kitchen was fun.

Through the course of the week we worked on 900 meals!!

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