Saturday, 29 December 2012

Merry Christmas from A winter wonderland!

Winter snow!

Winter Wonderland!

Merry Christmas from a winter wonderland!

As we were preparing for our trip to Ottawa, Canada for Christmas we were getting a little bit worried and even a little disappointed before we even arrived.  Many of the people we were speaking to in Ottawa were shocked about how little snow there was and how strange the winter was this year.  As you can imagine our main goal for coming home for Christmas was to spend time catching up with family and friends but so much of that is just made better when snow is involved. 

The kids had been praying the snow would come.  We were pleased to hear just a couple of days before our arrival that the snow had started, it even got to far as there was a question on if we would be able to land with the level of snow that was coming in (although we were unaware of this from the plane).  It has now snowed almost consistently since we arrived and we are all loving it!

We had a wonderful snow day with family on Christmas eve at one of their homes and now again today we will be leaving in a couple of hours to have a snow day with another cousin again all of the extended family will be there....  photo's to follow i hope! 

We hope your Christmas has been wonderful and you have all enjoyed time with family and friends. 

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