Monday, 17 January 2011

The blogging begins

Hey Everyone,

So this is my new attempt to communicate better.  Do to issue's with our family website i am planning to use this blog instead.  Well, you know what they say... start as you mean to go on.

We are all doing well and enjoying 2011. 

Caleb is enjoying being in High School and had his 12th birthday last week. To celebrate his birthday we had a family dinner and then over the weekend Aaron took Caleb and a couple of his friends to see The Green Hornet. Fun was had by all.

Eden is still in Junior school and really enjoys the school. Her two favorite things are her violin lessons and art.  She is 9 and already looking forward to her 10th birthday, which is months away.

Nathan is in his first year at junior school and enjoys it. His favorite thing about school is being with his friends, he also enjoys science and math.

Well, that looks like a start....

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